Eating Constraints How food restrictions affect the diet


In the US we have a whole variety of packaged foods to choose from. But, what if you are allergic to soy or wheat? What if you're vegetarian?

This page lets you explore the topic of nutrition. Imagine you were confined to the food listed in the panel below. If you weren't allowed to eat certain kinds of things, how would this affect your diet?

This page was designed for the VizLathon contest in August, 2011. The datasources are: products, and their ingredients.


To help you navigate the foods they are categorized based upon the nutrients they provide per calorie. The categories are:


There are lots of ways to compare diets and compare foods. Try out some of these:

  • Select different nutritional sizing to see how foods and diets compare.
  • Add your own dietary restrictions, and see how they stack up.
  • Click on the Tabular Form tab to explore in more detail.
  • Click one of the colored buttons to the left to filter by food category.
  • Select a food in the 'food pile' in the middle of the screen for more details on that food.
  • Click on a diet's food strip to drill into that food's accessable or inaccessible details.
  • Lost? Start over! Click on the 'Reset' button at the top right of the screen.

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